As unique as the individuals who inspired our namesake are the three women who started it. We took a huge leap of faith and decided to branch out on our own to create something that’s ours so we can do what we love where we love: Cleveland, Ohio. We are Hot or Homeless Creative Group focusing on sponsorship sales and experiential marketing. The name Hot or Homeless was inspired by those individuals who you just can’t figure out whether they are extremely trendy or actually homeless. In keeping with our name, we have vowed that a portion of our profits will  go to benefit a charity supporting the homeless and specifically homeless children. The charities we support are from each city or state in which we do work in so that our success can benefit a multitude of charities nationwide. 

Our previous careers took us all across the nation opening us up to so many different creative channels such as the arts, food, music and much more. We’ve had the privilege to eat all across the nation from New York to Los Angeles, but now it’s time for Cleveland.

We’re focusing on our business and on our hometown. It’s our time to create and to explore our roots. Cleveland has incredible places to eat and extraordinary things to see and we’re determined to see and eat it all. Hot or Homeless Getting Around is our way of sharing our explorations of Cleveland with you, but more importantly showing you that you don’t have to hop on a plane for some good food and fun times. Just look around your hometown. Explore the places you drive by each day, walk into that corner cafe with the odd sign and soon you’ll discover the many hidden treasures of your own hometown.


HOH Girls

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