CoffeeWhy do we go to Starbucks day in and day out? Because we like the certainty of knowing that we can get the same exact thing that we always do. We’re comfortable with it.  Oh what fun it is to be comfortable and just like everybody else…

Here at Hot or Homeless we don’t go for that, we like to live on the edge, experiencing the new every chance we get. Of course, we do enjoy the occasional run to Starbucks because they do have good, strong coffee which helps us to focus during a 12 hour work day. But let’s just imagine for a minute that there’s a place you can go that not only offers good, strong coffee but something a little different and unique. A place that offers crafty coffee drinks, sandwiches, desserts and other tasty delights. A place that makes supporting your local businesses fun and easy.

Well folks, that place is MoCa. Owned and operated by mother-son duo Becky and David, everything at MoCa is homemade with a little Hungarian-German flair thrown in for good measure. The goal of MoCa is to become a gathering place for friends, family and good food. From the sandwiches to the desserts you can tell that a lot of care goes into the products that are served. You won’t find any thawed, deep fried dish here. Nothing but the freshest ingredients and the utmost of care go into creating MoCa’s dishes.

Meet Becky, Owner/Food Artist

Meet Becky, Owner/Food Artist

In the beginning Becky, MoCa mother and owner, began making all these wonderful high-end gourmet desserts. Once she saw no one was into those, she decided to scale back and cater more to the needs of her clients. Talk about customer service, what other place do you know that will change its menu to fit the needs of its clientele? So Becky began making more traditional desserts, but with a twist. She likes to sprinkle in her own unique and unconventional ideas. Like her pink lemonade cake or picnic surprise, which coming from the critics (us) is very, very yummy. We can’t say enough about the desserts here at MoCa, the food looks delicious although we didn’t have a chance to try it and the coffee / drink selections are phenomenal.


So here’s your challenge for the week: stop looking for that typical green sign you’re so used to and look just a little further for your local MoCa. Stop in and enjoy the patio underneath the shade of big umbrellas, or run in for a quick cup of morning joe, either way we promise, once you try the place you’ll have a hard time not going back.

Follow MoCa on Facebook for a listing of events, new foods and desserts and musical performances at the cafe.

MoCa is located at:

10435 Clifton Blvd.

Cleveland, OH 44102

Open M-F 7am – 10pm

Sat. 9am – 10pm

Sun. 9am – 9pm

216. 961.6799

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