Go eat at Joe’s


You gotta go eat at Joe’s! Joe’s Deli that is. Located in Rocky River it’s a “fine” place to sit back, relax and grab a bite to eat.

The old Joe’s was arguably one of the best delis in the Cleveland area. Always packed to the brim, people would be stuffing themselves inside the tiny locale to stuff their faces with Joe’s appetizing foods. Thus the bigger, more accommodating, Joe’s was born.

The old Joe’s may have been small but it was certainly a comfy and cozy place to dine. When we walked inside the new Joe’s, however, the first thought that came to mind was: sterile. It looked a lot like a chain restaurant you would find at Crocker Park or Legacy Village. As for the patrons of Joe’s, well let’s just say it was a sea of blue, blue hairs that is. Nonetheless it was a pleasant enough atmosphere, nothing to hype about but nothing to gripe about, either.


The food at Joe’s was, of course, great as always. Although, the fish sandwich may have had too much bread to fish ratio, the patty melt was devoured in mere seconds and the corned beef!  Well let’s just say it’s not a diet staple but this particular sandwich became a new obsession.  Joe’s also has a wonderful catering spread and desserts to please any sweet tooth.


All in all Joe’s was a nice experience. The food was delicious and filling and the atmosphere was quiet and, albeit, somewhat generic. If you’ve never liked corned beef sandwiches before I would suggest you try ‘em here and have your opinion altered.

Joe’s Deli is located at:

19215 Hilliard Blvd.

Cleveland, Oh 44116

Open M-W 7am – 9pm

Th-Sat 7am – 10pm


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