Sandwiches Anyone?


In the mood for sandwiches?  Then La Bodega is a great place to start.  Located on Jefferson Avenue in Tremont it’s not your typical sandwich shop. They have a huge  variety of choices to please any palette including a large selection of the vegetarian sort.

When we say “not your typical sandwich shop” we mean it. Their sandwich and salad creations are unique and embody the freshest ingredients. However, we did have a little red and juicy problem with their take on the Caesar salad. That’s right: tomatoes. Who puts tomatoes on a Caesar salad?  Aside from the tomato surprise, the rest of the food was quite good. Sandwiches are definitely the way to go at La Bodega, no complaints there.

As for the atmosphere of the place, it was pleasant and uneventful.  We did, however, enjoy the people watching, especially the odd couple sitting in the corner:  Were they together, were they brother and sister, was he gay and she straight…?  You get the picture.

Our advice on La Bodega:

Unless you’re an avid tomato lover, don’t go for the Caesar; the sandwiches are a must with a superb selection; and be sure to spend some time taking in the lovely people of Tremont while you nosh.


La Bodega is located at:

869 Jefferson Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44113

Open M-F 11am – 7pm

Saturday-Sunday 11am – 4pm


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