Pupuseria La Bendicion

Hello Chickies!

What’s up Chicks?

When you think of running into someone or something on the streets of Cleveland chances are you aren’t picturing chickens. To that we say poor you because that means you’ve probably never experienced the truly authentic cuisine of Pupuseria La Bendicion.

Trying to find the place we made a wrong turn and went down the street right next to the restaurant. It was here that we saw our feathered friends and snatched a quick photo op. Having never been to Pupuseria La Bendicion we were all highly suspicious of whether these chicks would be served up as our lunch or not.

When we pulled up to the restaurant it resembled more of an old Lawson’s/Dairy Mart (which it probably was at one time) than a delicious Salvadoran restaurant. We definitely weren’t expecting to be so pleasantly surprised with not only the food but with the prices as well.  Upon walking into the place, it looked like your typical dive restaurant: small and unassuming.  We weren’t sure whether or not our English would be understood or if we could understand the proprietors’ Spanish but we ordered just fine and the service was delightful.

Meet the sweetest waitress ever. When we asked her to take a picture she stood with a grin and composure despite almost having dropped the plates of food she was holding.

The sweetest little waitress you'll ever be lucky to meet

The sweetest waitress you’ll ever be lucky to meet

Between the three of us we spent less than $21 and all took food home for the next day AND it was even more delicious a day old and cold. It was the most authentic and best Latin American food we’ve ever had. That’s one of the best things about Cleveland, it truly is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities and no matter what your taste buds are in the mood for, you can find it in Cleveland. In fact, you can even find chickens running around freely in Cleveland if you look hard enough.

Pupuseria La Bendicion received a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, reviewed by 29 people. For HOH we give it a full 5 for taste, authenticity, service and, of course, the chickens.

Spanish Menu (luckily with English translation)

Spanish Menu (luckily with English translation)