Lucky’s Cafe

Lucky's Cafe

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Today we decided to support our Ohio farmers and producers at Lucky’s Cafe in Tremont.

Lucky’s specializes in excellent hand crafted food and beverages “made with care and attention to quality” and, of course, all homegrown. This unique cafe wonderfully embodies the diverse cultures and traditions of its surrounding community. Lucky’s used to be our secret hideaway for meetings before we went public with our business. Now it was finally time to dine here, out in the open, as proud business owners.

We explored the cheesy wonders of the grilled cheese, surprised to find delicious  avocado and cilantro in the mix. And of course no grilled cheese would be complete without a cup of warm, hearty tomato soup. We also tried the ooey-gooey goodness of the baked mac & cheese, which has been debated as being one of the best in Cleveland. Although the prices weren’t super friendly on our wallets, the food was delish! If you’re not in the mood for food stop in and try one of their many hand crafted beverages. They’ve got a unique and original mix of coffees, teas and refreshing fizzy drinks. Lucky’s Cafe in Tremont is certainly a delicious way to spend your day.

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