3 Women and a Chocolate Store

Click the Lilly Sign for something Delicious

Click the Lilly Sign for something Delicious

After our cheese fest at Lucky’s we just had to stop over at the  chocolate store,  Lilly (no judgement please).

If you’ve been here then you already know there’s no resisting it, especially when it’s just one block over from Lucky’s. It would have been silly not to stop in and explore the place. After all, there’s handmade chocolate and booze, every woman’s dream come true. Plus, with all of the pink going on, it instantly appealed to us.

The space is open and minimalist. There’s an enticing wall of craft beers and wines to your left with the chocolate bakery spread out in front of you. There are cases of hand crafted chocolate which you can peruse, cafeteria style, picking out the ones you wish to indulge in.

We tried some delectable chocolate and even bought a bottle of beer, Gulden Draak. To describe this beer, all there is to say is it’s super good and at 10% alcohol there’s no going wrong, three of these and you’re set for a night.

The Lilly store is as sweet and unique as the chocolates they sell. You are sure to find something, whether it’s the chocolate, the  beer or the wine, that your taste buds have never experienced before.

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