Oldest Joint to Eat and a Quest for Knowledge

Last week we decided to venture out of our third floor office and hit downtown C-town for a bite to eat. We stopped at the famed ‘oldest restaurant,’ Otto Moser’s, in Cleveland’s theater district. With high hopes of devouring some historically delicious grub we might want to rethink our food choices next time. Maybe it was the fact that we ordered a tuna salad sandwich and salads at a restaurant that specializes in hearty pub food. Either way we were slightly disappointed with the food and the hodgepodge decor. Maybe our expectations were too high as we entered Otto Moser’s expecting to be filled with the nostalgia of ancient eateries and its historic patrons. Either way, we’re happy we went and can now boast that we ate at the oldest restaurant in town.

Continuing with our historic theme for the day we journeyed to the Cleveland Public Library. Built in 1869 it’s one of the largest and most extensive libraries in the world. There’s no better way to conduct business research then at the very spot that possesses almost 10 million pieces of work. Not only did we leave more informed than before, but we even managed to snag a library card to keep the learning going.

HOH's Exclusive Card for Knowledge otherwise known as a library card

HOH’s Exclusive Card for Knowledge otherwise known as a library card

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